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POS Certification for French market.​


French Tax Law requirements.

Since January 1st, 2018, all merchants subject to VAT, whether natural or legal persons, under private or public law, who use accounting, management or cash system software, must comply with the provisions of the ‘Article 88 of the so-called « VAT anti-fraud » law.

To comply with this law, INFOCERT, with AFNOR Certification, has developed a reference system which integrates, beyond the 4 certification conditions for collection software, the main accounting and tax regulatory requirements, the control of computerized accounts, labor law, trade, etc.

As a reminder, in the event of the use of software that does not comply with regulatory requirements, article L-80 of the book of tax procedures provides for numerous sanctions.

The process of certification



Following a contact and once the administrative formalities have been carried out, signature of an estimate and payment of a first administrative invoice, you will receive, depending on the certification targeted: your certification rules, an invitation to a half-day of training as well as an attestation allowing you to justify of your registration.



Carrying out pre-assessments is not an integral part of the certification process, but we still carries them out on request.

It have no other purpose than to carry out a factual assessment on the state of preparation regarding the criteria of the certification sought, by detecting any discrepancies without recommending solutions to resolve them. Please note that this is not an advisory service.


Work of compliancy

Depending on the aimed certification, you will be able to participate in a half-day training in order to benefit from a complete presentation of the certification rules.

Following this training, you will be able to work on bringing your software into compliancy by integrating our certification rules.


Certification audit

Once the integration of the certification rules into your software is complete, we can schedule your certification audit to assess the compliance of your software.



Following your audit, you will receive a report listing the non-conformities, if any, between your software and our certification rules. Depending on the nature of the non-conformities, an additional check may be considered or a certification decision may be taken.


Annual monitoring

An annual monitoring is put in place to ensure that the software has not experienced any degradation with respect to its compliance over the past year and to validate its good compliance with respect to potential developments on certification and/or regulatory rules.

Frequently asked questions.​

INFOCERT is the software certification specialist in France.

Technical secretariat of AFNOR Certification and inspection body, INFOCERT develops many NF marks, including the NF525 which provides a sustainable competitive advantage. The NF525 mark is a mark recognized all over the world and INFOCERT is the only organization authorized to issue the NF525, a guarantee of quality, safety and trust.

Thus INFOCERT has hundreds of certified companies present all over the world, whether they are world-renowned publishers or smaller ones, but also companies with an integrated IT department.

This verification carried out by a independent third party will reassure you regarding the application of the regulations. And in particular in the event of tax audits which would be carried out at your customers properties.

Software certification will allow you in particular to improve your commercial visibility by benefiting from the reputation of the NF mark, but also to justify of the quality and excellence of your product, service, system, etc.

The certification is aimed at software publishers, integrators or companies that have developed and use software « in-house » and are seeking to comply with regulations or to justify the quality of their product.

Using certified software allows you to meet regulatory requirements and secures you thanks to a presumption of conformity linked to the intervention of INFOCERT as a probative third party.

Choosing « self-attested » software makes you take the risk of the publisher’s conflict of interest (the latter being both judge and party).

From July 1st, 2024, and according to a specific deployment schedule, all French companies will be required to receive and issue electronic invoices using dematerialization platforms.

The electronic invoice reform represents a real tax upheaval and that is why it is crucial to prepare for it in order to better anticipate the changes to come.

INFOCERT will be able to help you being prepare thanks to the NF525 and/or the NF203 certifications.


The NF Certification

Formations prises en charge

Guarantee of quality, safety and trust.

The certification is aimed at both software publishers and in-house software seeking to comply with regulations or to justify the quality of their product. The NF mark allows you to benefit from a sustainable competitive advantage and international recognition.

The business certification rules developed by INFOCERT, with AFNOR Certification, are recognized by professionals and regulatory bodies as references.

With the NF mark, open up to new markets and anticipate future reforms more easily by keeping a product regularly updated.

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