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NF Certification

Guarantee of quality.

Technical secretary of AFNOR Certification and specialist in software certification for nearly 20 years, INFOCERT, with AFNOR Certification, creates and develops NF marks that provide its customers a competitive advantage and international recognition.

Certification fit with software publishers as well as companies and internal software that seeks to comply with regulations. It also makes their processes more reliable and supports companies in their development.

The certification rules developed by INFOCERT, with AFNOR Certification, are recognized by professionals and regulatory authorities as references to recognize software compliance.​

NF Mark is a guarantee of quality, security and confidence.

Certification body for the NF203, NF399, NF469, NF525 and NF552 trademark.

Approved as a training organization with DIRECCTE and DATADOCK, your training, on the « anti-VAT fraud » law for example, can be paid for by your OPCO.

Easily find the list of publishers, products and certified software versions.

How long does the certification process take and how much does it cost?

Being certified is being part of a process of transparency, improvement and continuous evolution of its software.

The length of the process is related to the time it will take you to bring your software into compliancefollowing specifications. This time can vary from one to several months and a certificate of actual progress can be sent to you while your product is brought into conformity.

The certification audit usually lasts for two days.

Regarding the cost of certification, it is linked to the specification of your software but the average cost is around 6.000€.

This price includes: the price of the specifications, the analysis and management of your demand, the management of schedules, the cost of the audit, the audit report, the administrative processing of compliance, and the issuance of the certificate.

Everything about NF525 !

An easy process.


Since January 2018, all retailers are required to use compliant software to prevent any fraud. POS software have to meet some criteria to show that they are compliant with the law and meets the NF525 requirements.

The process of certification starts with a contact request, if you wish to receive a quotation for an initial audit of certification we’ll need you to send us back an identification sheet. Once this will be done we will send you your quotation. 


If you decide to engage in the certification process, once the administrative formalities will be completed we will be able to send you your rules of certification and if needed, an attestation of actual progress, that will help you justify to Tax Administration or to potential clients that you’re engaged in the certification process and that you should reach compliance soon. 

Following your registration to the certification process, you’ll able to participate in a dedicated half-day training that will help you start working efficiently on the integration of the certification rules in your software.

Certification logiciels


Once the certification rules will be integrated in your software, we will be able to plan together the date of your certification audit.

The audit can be carried out by one or more auditors and you will then receive a report with the list of deviations, if any, that must be corrected.

The audit takes place at your premises and travel and accommodation costs will be invoiced according to the costs actually incurred by the auditor *.

The deviations found may be of several types: Points of vigilance, minor non-conformities and major non-conformities.

Depending on their nature, we may consider an additional check to verify the lifting of the deviations.


Following all the checks, INFOCERT suggests AFNOR Certification to take a certification decision: certification agreement or certification refusal.

In some cases the certification agreement may be conditioned to an additional check, failing which, the certificate will be suspended.

In case of a certification agreement, your certificate will be issued, accessible on our dedicated website and sent to you by email.


After the initial audit, we will organize an annual monitoring, its duration will depend in particular on changes in certification and legislative rules and on the functional modifications of your software.

An order form will be sent 3 months before the planned date of surveillance for the maintenance of the NF trademark.